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Watch Oscars 2019 Live Stream Anywhere

Watch The Oscars Live! How to Watch Oscars 2019 Live Stream Online. 91st academy awards red carpet ABC Live Stream free Guid.

You can watch The Oscars awards show on the following:

On your television LIVE SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24th. Exclusive red carpet coverage begins at 6:30e|3:30p, followed by the awards ceremony at 8:00e|5:00p.

Watch the Oscars 2019 live stream and red carpet coverage Sunday February 26th for the ultimate online viewing experience!

Live streaming of The Oscars award show is available with a participating TV provider in the following markets: Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham and San Francisco.

Customers with a DirecTV subscription in the following markets will also be able to watch the ABC live stream of The Oscars: Albuquerque, Boston, Ft. Smith/Fayetteville, Jackson (Mississippi), Kansas City, Milwaukee, Monterey-Salinas, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Portland-Auburn (Maine), Savannah and West Palm Beach.

How to watch Oscars Live Stream online

We all want to watch the live stream of Oscars 2019 without any hassles. Various options are available for you to watch Oscars 2019 and red carpet events. Usually the live coverage event will begin around 6.30 pm. The award ceremony begins around 8.00pm.
Watch Oscars 2019 live via ABC Channel

Oscar fans can Watch Oscars 2019 live in various markets through abc.com. Besides, you can also watch the event through any of ABC apps. If you cannot watch it through ABC, you can do that through any of the participating providers. Various channels across the country and abroad are participating.
Watch Oscars 2019 live via Online media

In addition to that, you can watch Oscars 2019 live online in any part of the world. These participating providers will stream the event online for various fans all over the world. Depending on the part of the country you reside, you will have providers available to stream Oscar 2019 events to you.

As you are already aware, the official broadcast station of Oscars 2019 is the ABC channel. Users of ABC app can use to Watch Oscars 2019 live through the app. It is easy to Watch Oscars 2019 live through satellite and cable subscription. With your computer, you can watch it through ABC.com. Cord cutters may not be able to watch the event on ABC. You have to look for different online streaming services to watch the program. Some of the online services you can watch the program include Sling Television, Playstation Vue, YouTube TV, DirectTV, Now TV, as well as Hulu and several other online channels. These channels can stream ABC programs. You can enjoy it just the same way you will enjoy normal cable and satellite streaming. The only difference is that these channels air the program online.
Watch Oscars 2019 live through ABC

Watching Oscars 2019 live has never been so easy. Oscar 91st edition would even be better than the previous editions in terms of television coverage. Apart from watching the program on ABC cable and satellite channels, you can also watch it through its website, which is abc.com. In addition to that, the event will be streamed live through the ABC app. It is a question of downloading the app from their website and enjoying the streaming service. Oscar red carpet event streaming has never been that easy. If you have a smart and mobile phone, you can use it to watch Oscars 2019 live.

The streaming service may not be available for everybody as it is restricted to fans within a market area. Even if you do not Watch Oscars 2019 live through ABC, a lot of television providers have subscribed for the program. If you subscribe to any of the providers, you can watch that event live. Major players in the industry such as Charter Spectrum, Comcast, AT&T U-Verse, as well as DirectTV will be part of the program. It will be streamed live on YouTube Television. All these providers have subscribed for the program. This means that ABC will not be the sole channel that streams that event live.
How to Watch Oscars 2019 Live Without Cable

If you do not want to Watch Oscars 2019 live through television or satellite cable, the internet option is still available to you. ABC GO is the right choice for many people who preferred the internet streaming. If you want to get the best of internet streaming, you require three important items and they include fast internet connection, a computer or a laptop, as well as a subscription plan. The event will still be very clear, bright, and colorful. There is no difference from those streamed on television. You can also watch it live on your phone and other mobile devices. If you were in the US, You will have the benefit of watching Oscars 2019 live through the ABC channels.

If you do not have access to a cable network, then you have to opt for cable alternatives. There are several of such alternatives on the market today.
Watch Oscars 2019 live through Sling TV

Sling television is perhaps the most favorite cable alternative for Watching Oscars 2019 live. Many cord cutters will always consider this as the first option. Sling television streaming depends on the internet, and this means that before you can enjoy that service you must have access to the internet. Secondly, you must use it with a compatible device, as it does not work well in all devices. Fast internet connection is a necessity. You can use it in your most mobile devices like your smartphone, laptop, computer your note, as well as a streaming set box prepared for it. You can watch other important television programs through this network. Sling television streaming is not free. You must have a subscription plan before you can benefit from the setup.
Watch Oscars 2019 live through Fubo TV

Fubo is almost the same thing with Sling television. This is because the work on the same principle, and they stream their programs through the internet. It is not free, but you can try it before committing your money. This means that it is another cable alternative. Apart from streaming Oscar events live, you can watch favorite teams play, as well as some interesting network shows, and movies. The channel will provide access to more than eighty television channels. You can have on demand access to almost all the programs that are showed in this country. If you do not have access to cable, you can use Fubo TV.
Watch Oscars 2019 live through Now TV

NOW TV also streams online. This network is good for those that want to Watch Oscars 2019 live outside the US. Even if you want to use NOW TV inside the US, you can subscribe to it. For those overseas such as Ireland, UK, Italy and so on, can depend on this internet channel for an event like Oscar red night events. It would be streamed live in foreign countries. Even if you are in the US and you do not want to get tied to any contract, you can always opt for this channel.
Watch Oscars 2019 live through PlayStation Vue

Another cable alternative is the PlayStation Vue. This device does not need any console before you can use it. Apart from fast internet connection, it can only work with a compatible device. Vue is compatible with PS4 and PS3 and as the name suggests, the system works with Vue app. It can work well in your computer, phone, and other similar devices like notes. It does not require a cable subscription before you can use it. You have to subscribe to the system before you can use it. It is not free. The device works well with fast internet connection. You can try it free before spending your money.
Watch Oscars 2019 live through Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is a great none cable alternative. This is a video website, and it is dedicated to viewing professional contents through the internet. Using your Hulu, you can link with Live television program. Many fans will depend on that arrangement for the forthcoming Oscar award night. Many people in America and outside America always depend on this channel to watch important programs. Watching Oscar 2019 live will not be an exception. Apart from the video option, it streams live television. Hulu offers everything you want. You must subscribe to it. It is not free. Choose an affordable package and subscribe for it.
Watch Oscars 2019 live through YouTube TV

This is another channel you can Watch Oscars 2019 live. You can watch it without cables and it is available for Americans and none Americans. It also depends on the internet and it is the best for cord cutters. You can watch your favorite programs on your computer, laptop, as well as your mobile devices. Before you can enjoy it, you require a fast and reliable internet connection.

The subscription plan is different from what you get in the cable and satellite subscription. It is meant for you to watch it on the go. Moreover, it is possible to watch many channels and during subscription, you can decide the type of channels you want to watch. This determines the payment package. You can enjoy similar services you usually enjoy the cable network. The difference is that this works on the internet. Some of the cable alternatives make it possible to try their system free before they can commit their money.
How to Watch the Oscars 2019 Live Online in USA

You have seen that there are various options available for you to watch Oscar 2019 live in the US. The most popular option remains the ABC. This network has different channels it makes available for you to watch that glamorous event. The first includes the ABC cable and satellite. You can watch it live with your usual cable and satellite subscription. This is the most convenient option for many people. Other options include ABC app and ABC.com streaming service.

Apart from ABC network system, you can Watch Oscars 2019 live through the internet. There are different internet options and some of them were reviewed above. They include the Sling television, Hulu Television, DirectTV and YouTube television and several others.

Usually the program starts by 8.00pm eastern time. Americans that have ABC subscription can just switch on their television and begin to enjoy the program.

Secondly, you can watch it through the ABC app as well as ABC Go. Most importantly, ABC.com fast internet network is the best channel for those that do not want a cable subscription.

Since ABC is not available in all parts of America, it is possible for those who do not have access to such stations to watch their programs through ABC.com. This is an internet option for those who do not want to use the cable network subscription plan.

American fans can watch Oscar 2019 events live through the normal satellite cables, as well as through online channels. Cost, convenience, and availability will play important roles in determining the best option.
How to Watch the Oscars 2019 Live Online From Outside US

If you stay outside America, it is still possible for you to watch Oscar 2019 events live. However, you will not watch it through a cable subscription. The event will be streamed live through internet channels. Look for the reputable online channels to choose in your country. You can choose a plan affordable to you.

The choice you make will depend on the availability of the internet and the cost of subscription. ABC channels remain the only solution, but those other channels will stream the events live through ABC stations.

For those in Canada, they can watch Oscars 2019 live through CTV network. This system offers wall-to-wall coverage of the program. Apart from that, many Canadians can watch it through the e-talk.

For Australian fans, the program will be available to them through the Nine Network. This is the second most popular network in the country. This channel has the exclusive rights to telecast the program live, and if you are in Australia, you can enjoy this program. Nine will cover every part of the event, you will enjoy the streaming in Australia.
South Africa

Even those in South Africa will not miss the opportunity, because Oscar 2019 can be streamed live to them in their living room. Pay television operator known as the M Net will show the program live. They have a special arrangement with ABC to telecast the event to South African fans.
Latin America

Those in Latin America countries of Mexico, Caribbean and other countries in South America, will watch the event through TNT. The event will be telecast through different languages. Irrespective of the language you speak, you will be able to watch the program live in your home. You have to select your language and watch the program live.
United kingdom

Hollywood has lots of fans in Ireland and United Kingdom. The program is going to be available to them through the Pay Television. Sky channels will be televising Oscars 2019 live to British and Irish fans. The station is known to broadcast lots of Oscars winning films in the past. They will like their subscribers in UK and Ireland to watch the award-winning ceremonies.

Even fans in Germany will Watch Oscars 2019 live through Pro7. This is a commercial channel. All these channels will bring the live program to all their customers.

Irrespective of the part of the world you reside, you can become part of the most glamorous Hollywood night event. This year’s event promises to be the best with lots of side attractions planned for the night.
Oscar Predictions 2019

Many events are lined for the night. Various awards will be made and already people are making predictions on who will win what. Best candidates fight it for the most prestigious awards. Some acclaimed performers such as Robert Redford (Old Ma and Gun), John C Reilly (The Sisters Brothers) are some of the possible Oscar predictions.

Apart from these notable performers, other likely frontrunners for the Oscar award are as follows:
Bradley Cooper (A Star is Born),Christian Bale (Vice),Ryan Gosling (First man), Willem Dafoe (At Eternity’s Gate), Viggo Mortensen (Green Book), Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody), Hugh Jackman (The Frontrunner).
Best Movie

The best picture awards could be given to the following movies and they include:Black Panther, A Star is Born, BlacK Klansman, Can you Ever Forgive Me, First Man, The Favorite Widows, Roma, If Beale Street Could Talk. You can also check out the Oscars 2019 predictions in details.

Best Director

The award categories include the best director Oscars predictions. Many people are thinking that a woman will make it and the likely winner in this category is Marielle Heller who directed the movie Can You Forgive Me. Other predictions in this category include Karyn Kusma and Mimi Leder and so on.

How to watch Oscars 2018 online from any Country?

How to watch Oscars 2018 online from any Country? Watch The Oscars Live! You can watch The Oscars awards show on the following: On your television LIVE OSCAR SUNDAY, MARCH 4th. Exclusive red carpet coverage begins at 6:30e|3:30p, followed by the awards ceremony at 8:00e|5:00p

One should make sure that the live streaming starts half an hour before the original event begins. If one does not have a cable connection to catch up Oscars live via ABC then one can stream through various other official channels from the devices available with them like laptops, desktops, mobiles, android, mac, iPhone, iPad and various other devices available with them.

Watch Oscar 2018 Replay Live

Watch 90th Academy oscar Awards 2018 Live Red Carpet Stream free online Satellite tv on Laptop, pc, mac, mobile tv abc free Watch Live here

s from 5;30 am to 6:00 am.

Oscars will be aired live in Japan via13 WOWOW Satellite Network.

The Gala event will be telecasted live from Hollywood will be aired via CJ E&M’s cable network CGV as per their local time.

In Hungary, the Oscar will be officially aired live via Hungary’s Six-channel public broadcaster, MTVA i.e Duna TV.
Oscars Red Carpet 2018 Live Stream

The Red Carpet show starts at 5 p.m. ET. The live stream will be available free on PEOPLE.com, EW.com, InStyle.com, Time.com, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live. Twitter will also stream the show. You can use the hashtag #oscarsredacarpet to comment on your views.

The 90th Academy awards start with the beautiful Red Carpet show starting at 5 pm et followed by the award ceremony at 8 pm ET. ABC will stream and telecast the red carpet show on Sunday.

If you are outside the United States, Just get one goo VPN service (Free trials are available) and enjoy the show through ABC. Red Carpet will last for two hours which includes photo session, interviews and some funny chats with the celebrities who attended the event.

Days are approaching fast for the 90th Oscars 2018. It is highly suggested to keep a track on the updates of the Oscar event and updates on the ways of watching.

How to Watch Oscar Academy Awards 2017 live

Oscar Academy Awards 2017 live stream abc tv– date, time, venue.. 89th Academy Awards 2017 will be on 26th February 2017. You can watch Oscar Awards live streaming online through the official website of Oscar.go. Check out the links below. The award ceremony is fixed on 26th February 2017. Watch The live coverage of Oscar Awards 2017 starts at 8 pm ET.

Watch Live here
We will update full list of nominees for Oscar 2017 during the show here. Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, will be the venue foxed for 2017 Academy Awards . The live telecast of Oscar Awards 2017 will be aired on ABC channel. Let’s check out more details on Oscars 2017 live streaming, time, date and venue below.
89th Oscar awards 2017 live streaming

Just open the official satallite tv portal and watch the live coverage of 89th Academy Awards Awards announcement at 5:30am PST. Check out the links below.
Academy Awards 2017 live stream

Watch Oscar Awards 2017 live stream here

Watch Oscar Awards live streaming here
Oscar Awards2016 time, date and venue

Get quick preview on 89th Oscar Awards2016 time, date and venue below.

Time: 8 pm ET

Date: 22nd February 2017

Venue: Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles,

Oscars 2017 Live Streaming | 89th Academy Awards Online

Oscars 2017 Live Streaming | 89th Academy Awards Online 89th Oscar Academy Awards 2017 Live free with full show Red Carpet ceremony Stream Online on abc tv on mac, mobile. pc, laptop, iPhone, tab, ps, android apps . Oscars 2017 although have the splendor of previous Oscars preserved but yet are new in their very own way.The nominations of the award are going to be revealed soon in a manner different to that of yester years. The nominations of the awards are going to be announced online on coming 24th of this month. It is the first time that contenders for the awards will be revealed via a live global stream. Before we get too closer to the dates of Oscar Nominees announcement, lets know a little bit about the Oscar Awards categories.

89th Oscar Awards 2017 Live free Stream with full show Red Carpet ceremony Stream Online on abc tv on mac, mobile. pc, laptop, iPhone, tab, ps, android apps . Watch Oscars 2017 Live Streaming HERE! We will start the Live Streaming 30 mins before the Actual Screening Starts. Stay Tuned!

Oscar Award Categories, Nominations and Winners
Oscar 2017 for Best Picture Award
Best Picture award is the most prominent Oscar Award. The award for this category is presented annually since the start of the Oscars.The award for this category is announced at the last of the Oscar ceremony.A picture or movie is which forces the engagement of fans in Motion Picture industry. A movie is a collaborative efforts of the producer,director,actors ,writers and all other technical and art crew of the film. The importance of this category could be seen from the fact that it is the only category in which every member of the Academy is eligible to vote for nominating entries.
This is the final award in the Oscar ceremony and is generally collected on the stage by the film’s director and producer. This is the most desired award in the entertainment industry and media all over the world is looking forward to the nominations of this award. Fan all over the world are speculating the winners for this category and are eagerly waiting for awards to be announced soon.

Oscar Academy Awards 2017 Live Free

Best Director Award for Oscar 2017
The director is the one who makes the movie what it is. The director is the main reason for making a movie blockbuster. The need for acknowledging the skills of the director was felt by Academy of Motion Pictures and Art from very first Oscars of 1928. Since then the best directors have been awarded annually by the academy. Nominees for this are determined by the directors branch of AMPAS by single transferable vote system. The winners of the one of the most awaited awards are decided by a plurality vote from the entire eligible voting members of the Academy.The director has a vital role in making film as he supervises the whole making of the movie.

Oscar 2017 for Best Actor in a Leading Role
The best actor in a leading role is the award which every actor dreams of. The award in this category studs a diamond in the career of an actor.Well it is a clear evident fact that success of a film predominantly depends on the performance of an actor. This award acknowledges the finest talent showcased in the film of the previous year. The nominations of the best actor in leading role are decided by the jury which itself is composed of one of the finest actors of the industry.
Hollywood fans worldwide are waiting for the nominations of the best actor to be revealed. All of them have been wishing that their favorite actors hit the spot of the nominations. After nominations the award for the Best Actor in a Leading Role will be announced in the Oscar ceremony 2017. The award for The Best Actor in a Leading Role will be decided by the jury composing members of the cine fraternity. Lets see who grabs the position…
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar 2017
An actor is an actor irrespective of what role it plays. The success of the film is not only determined by the performance of the lead cast but is inclusive of the performance of the full cast. The Best Actor in a Supporting Role is awarded to the actor who played a supporting role in the film. This award acknowledges the effort of an actor in a supporting role to make the film a splendid one. The nominees of these award are chosen the same way as they are chosen for Best Actor in a Leading role. This category is equally competent and branded as other categories of Oscar.
Oscars 2017 Award Best Actress in a Leading Role
It is the actress that makes the movie what it is. To imagine a blockbuster hit without a lead female role is one of the most difficult task in present times. An actress is equivalently responsible for thee performance of a movie. The Oscars for Best Actress in a Leading Role is to award the caliber of the actress which transforms a movie into an alluring . piece of art. The speculations about this award have hit the media and everyone have their gaze at the announcement of nominations for the award.Let’s see who hits the big spot this year.
Also See: Indian Nominees for Oscars 2017 Best Foreign Feature Film lead Visaranai Out of Oscars 2017 Race
Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role 2017
Like the Award for the Best Actor in a supporting role, the Oscars also honors the actress in a supporting role in a similar manner. The actress in a supporting role also has her own part to turn a film blockbuster. Every cine fan agrees to the point that an actress in a supporting role despite of her small role in the movies adds a blend of excellence to the movie. This award has the nomination procedure similar to that of Best Actress in a Lead role. This year speculations for this award seem to heat up.

Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay) Oscar 2017
It is difficult to have an original story every time and the creativity of a person lies in the fact that how he carves different stories from a single concept. This award is for people who have adapted a novel, concept,play, or short story into the movies. This is to acknowledge their skills of people who have made the movie look what it is. These awards are presented in the Oscar ceremony .. Lets catch on the Oscar 2017 nominations and awards to know the finest talent in this field.
Best Animated Short Film Oscar 2017
This award dates back its existence from the Oscars 1930 . This award has evolved out to its present version going through a lot of changes. From 1931 to 1970, this category was known as “Short Subjects, Cartoons” and “Short Subjects, Animated Films” from 1971 to 1973. The present version of the award was adapted in 1974. Guess what 12 out of 22 awards of this category are grabbed by the famous Walt Disney. Lets have our fingers crossed and see who wins it this year.
Oscar 2017 for Best Animated Feature
initially starting with 12 category awards the present Oscars have evolved itself to 24 category Awards. It is a noteworthy fact that Honoring and Acknowledging empowers the talent.With this single fact in mind The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences introduced the category of “Best Animated Feature “. This was introduced to encourage animation industry to increase their production. Many films have received this recognition including the famous “Ratatouille” in 2009. Lets see which film hits the big spot this year.
Oscar 2017 for Best Production Design
As it is already known that Oscars have evolved out of its first version and since then there are many changes in its form. This category has also its past of evolution. In 1947, it was introduced by the name of two different categories Art Direction – Set Decoration which was said to be equivalent of the previous categories of interior design for color and black & white movies. In 1957 ,the award confluences to a single one splitting back again in the next two years. Its present form was introduced in Oscars 1967 and was renamed to ‘Academy Award for Best Art Direction’ later.

Oscar 2017 Best Cinematography
The award in this category is given to the best cinematographer for his/her astounding work in one of the best movies. This is to acknowledge the skill of the cinematographers to make movie look more artistically and technically apt. The cinematographer makes the directors dream of making a blockbuster come alive. He is solely responsible for picturing the movie into a perfect one. Lets see who showcased this talent the best, previous year…
Oscar 2017 for Best Costume Design
Best Costume design award is to honor and acknowledge the finest talents in the dress designing industry. Its tedious to design a dress which is apt for all characters in the film. The dress design should appropriately reflect the personality traits and psyche of the cast. This is what makes the movies a pleasure to watch. Lets see who applied their creativity at best to design costumes suited to the characters of the movie.
Oscar 2017 Award Best Documentary Feature
The best part of the hollywood is that it encompasses several different types of cinema.While usual films are in form of a mixture of reality and imagination, documentary are purely based on real life incidents. Various documentaries have been made in present time and have acclaimed critical success among its audience. This category solely recognises the talent of movies that are based on reality. Well it would be a pleasure to see which reality based movie aka documentary makes it this big.
Oscars 2017- Best Documentary Short Subject
According to Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), a Short Subject Documentary is defined as a nonfiction motion picture ,”dealing creatively with cultural, artistic, historical, social, scientific, economic or other subjects”. Alike other categories in Oscars a special Documentary branch decides the nomination for the category.
Best Film Editing Oscar Award 2017
The Oscar Award for the Best Film Editing is presented since 1934. This category of award was introduced to honor the best talents in the editing industry. The award in this category is given to only the principal, “above the line” editors who have made the movie look good.

Oscar 2017 Best Foreign Language Film
The major reason for the increase of popularity of Oscars worldwide is because it not only honors the films of USA but also the best films outside USA. The Best Foreign Film is the award given to a feature-length movie produced outside USA usually with a non-English dialogue track. Although origin of this category dates back to 1947 but between 1947 and 1955 only a Special/Honorary Award was given to the best foreign language film released in the United States that too not on a regular basis. Earlier this category awards did not have an element of competition as there were no nominees in the category,only one wining film was announced each year.

Oscar 2017 for Best Live Action Short Film
The award for Best Live Action Short Film was introduced in 1974. This award has evolved out of its previous versions. From 1932 to 1935 this category was divided into two similar categories of “Short Subjects, comedy” and “Short subjects, novelty”. Afterwards from 1936 to 1956 ,two separate category of awards were introduced i.e. “Short Subjects, one-reel” and “Short Subjects, two-reel”. This category present form has only gained popular media attention . Many films will be contending for this category after the nominations of the category are announced.
Best Makeup and Hairstyling Oscar 2017 Award
This category was introduced in 1981 to honor makeup artists for their contribution in movies. An actor confluences with his character in movie only if his/her makeup is in sync with the character he wants to portray. Makeup artists and hair stylists are individual who add perfection to the movie.
Oscar 2017: Best Original Score
This award is given since 1934 to the best substantial body of music, in the form of thespian underscore, written particularly for the film, by the writer. This award has its own story of evolution to present form. From 1995 to 1998 it was split into two categories of Best Original Dramatic Score & Best Original Musical or Comedy Score. Afterwards it was merged to give it the present form. This category is highly hyped in the music entertainment industry and music fans all over the world are looking forward to the announcement of nominations and winners of this award.
Oscar 2017 Winner for Best Original Song
One of the most important part of a movie are the songs which leave a great impact on the audience.The category of “Best Original Song” was introduced in 1934 to acknowledge the joint effort of music director and lyricist to produce the finest of music which leaves its audience enchanted. The music industry is waiting for the announcement of the awards of this category relentlessly. Fans along with worldwide media have many speculations about the winners of this awards.Lets see which song proves itself to be best.
Best Sound Editing Oscar 2017
The awards in this category are given since 1963.This category acknowledges the skills of artistic sound editing or sound design.’Supervising Sound Editors’ of a film accompanied by the Sound Designers are usually awarded Oscars of this category.The nominations for these awards are decided by a preferential ballot by the Sound Branch of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).Likewise of other categories the awards are decided by the full Academy jury. Let us see who has created best sound effects in the songs of previous year apt enough to win this category Oscars.
Oscar 2017 for Best Sound Mixing
The awards for this category are given since 1930 to the finest talents in the field of sound mixing or recording . The awards for this category are received by the production sound mixers and re-recording mixers of the wining film.

Best Visual Effects Oscar Award
This category was introduced in the year 1939 for awarding the effect artists who give the movies a splendid and alluring touch. This category acknowledges and honors those who created something new and extraordinary in the movies.According to the Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Science this category has sole purpose to acknowledge the artistry ,skill and fidelity with which the visual illusions are achieved. Lets wait till the Oscar announces the Oscar to acknowledge best talent in Visual Effects field.
Oscars 2017 for Best Writing (Original Screenplay)
It always requires efforts to create something new and original that has never existed before. To acknowledge this skills of film writers Oscar introduced category of Best Original Screenplay in 1940. This award is given for the best script that is not based upon previously published materials.Every cine fan knows the fact that an apt story is the prime reason for a movie’s success. So lets see which film impressed the Oscar jury for its original story